Week 3 - Small wins big loses

Giving a little last week on dragon ball

Week 4 bois and girls

Hi, Kaiga here,

This is week 4 of me learning design, trying to get one step closer to that shiny new design job. Unfortunately took lots of L’s this week but thats part of the process right?


  1. Failed my driving license, now waiting for the retest hoping to clear that soon.

  2. I missed week 3 of the newsletter and I am kind of bummed about it.

  3. A lot of inconsistencies and trying to keep up with posting and engaging on my other social media platforms.

  4. Spent the last whole week trying to “fix” or at the least “have” a healthy sleep schedule.

Small W’s

I did learn more about psychology in design and that has been great! I got to learn about so many laws and cognitive biases that really matter when it comes to UX design and I posted a reel about it too. ( see below )

Where can you learn more about these psychology models?

I got you, I am adding the links for the two best websites that I could find and learn from.

What’s next ( note to myself )

Be better.


P.s - I can’t wait for Marvel’s Spiderman 2 to come out!