Reflecting on the journey and what's ahead

What have i been doing and what are the next steps

Hello to all the new Subscribers!

I hope this message finds you well and thriving.

Firstly, I want to extend a warm welcome to all the new people who have joined, appreciate 100.

Now, let's catch up a bit. How have you all been? I'd love to chat.

As for me, the last 8 months has been a ride since bidding goodbye to my previous job. I won't sugarcoat it – there were moments of doubt, days when I questioned if I could really make this shift into the design world. Truth be told, those moments still visit me now and then.

But I've managed to get on three exciting projects—Designing and developing landing pages.

Been learning new things, all design and building landing pages related.

Oh and I've been getting in some serious gaming therapy! Discovered a couple of fantastic new titles that have become my go-to stress-busters. Any fellow gamers among us? Let me know your favorites.

Looking ahead

The plan is simple, Trying to wrap up my current project, mold it into a juicy case study, and start applying for those internships. The goal? to crack this industry and enter.

I shall keep things updated here and thank you all for being a part of this. Can’t wait to share the next big thing.

Stay inspired and here's to the next leg of the journey!

Warm regards,